Youth Group Newsletter - 2018-0404 - P Brian

Greetings, in the name of Jesus Christ!

I hope all of your weeks are going well.

Last week, we had many guests that participate in our Easter Service. To all the parents who helped your children bring their friends to church, who provided food, and who prayed for us, THANK YOU!

Like our KM adults, we want our children to have the conviction to, be comfortable with, and have confidence in inviting their friends to our church, to encounter the person of Jesus Christ. Please pray for us as we hope to do what we did on Easter as a regular part of our youth group-community life.

I. No Saturday DT

There is NO DT this Saturday, 4/7 (Wednesday DT will resume this Wednesday). We are canceling our Saturday DT in lieu of the event below, TV Next Conference "True Identity and True Freedom Truth Conference" taking place in Los Gatos, California.

Next Saturday, we will have a Saturday DT discussion/ Q&A surrounding sexuality/questions our students may have. If parents want to participate next Saturday, they are more than welcome to join us!

II. April 6-7th TV Next Conference

등록 및 자세한 행사내용 (주제, 강사소개, 내용):


To register, please register with TVNext as well as with Emmanuel:

Registration with TV NEXT:

Registration with EMMANUEL:

I think this is an event that will be great for BOTH PARENTS AND STUDENTS to attend. Please come or send your children to this event!

III. Summer Missions

Mexico Registration:

For information on Emmanuel Mexico Youth Outreach 2018, please refer to this document:
Emmanuel Mexico Youth Outreach 2018

Please fill out all THREE forms. #1 & 2 are for both parents and students. #3 is for students only. Please turn in all physical copies into PB's box.
MYO18_Application (see attached)
EPC Liability form (see attached)
Emmanuel MYO2018 Registration
San Jose Registration:

For information on San Jose (Local) Youth Outreach 2018, please refer to this document:
Emmanuel San Jose Youth Outreach 2018

Please fill out BOTH forms. #1 is for parents and students. #2 is for students only. Please turn in all physical copies to PB's box.
EPC Liability form (see attached)
Emmanuel San Jose Youth Outreach 2018 Registration
San Francisco Registration:

Please fill out BOTH forms. Please turn in all physical copies to P.Seung's box.
EPC Liability form (see attached)
Emmanuel Youth San Francisco 2018 Registration

IV. Sophomore Class Retreat Registration

The Sophomore Class will be going on a retreat next week, 13th-15th of April.

It will be a great time of fellowship, and students get ample time to finish their assigned homework on Saturday. Please send your children!

The registration is DUE this Sunday, April 8th.

Sophomore Retreat Registration Form

V. Easter Service Followup
We had one student who was baptized (Hannah Lee) and one student who was confirmed (Grace Lee). Please encourage them when you see them, and please pray that they may continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18).

In addition, we had many new comers come to a church for the first time, and hear the gospel for the first time. My enduring hope is this: "Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand" (Romans 15:21).

If your child invited a friend, please help and encourage your child to follow-up with their friend(s) through prayer, through discussion, through Bible-study, helpful youtube videos, and of course, inviting them back out to church.

VI. Small Groups

Please take note, Small Groups end at 1:30 pm.

In order to best serve your children, please wait to take them out until 1:30 pm.

Some of your children are not attending SG's. Unless you gave specific consent, we do not wish students to be skipping out on valuable SG time. Please contact your SG leader if you think your child is not attending SG.

MS Girls: Megan Shim
MS Boys (6): Daniel Son
MS Boys (7-8): Joshua Park
HS Girls: Pastor Brian (Just the contact. They are a self-led SG)
HS Boys (9-10): SoonHac Hong
HS Boys (11-12): Amandy Nwana

In addition, if you can help out with our snack rotations, that would be most wonderful. Please sign up below!

God bless you all. Please also pray for me, that I words will be given to me to proclaim the Gospel of Christ boldly, just as I ought (Ephesians 6:19-20).

Love, in Christ