Youth Group Newsletter - 2018-0201 - P Brian

Dear Parents, 

We want to always thank you and bless you for raising your children in the Lord. We are thankful to the Lord and consider it a great privilege and honor to be able to serve you and your children. 
We have two important announcement we wanted to make before the end of this week. 
I. PTA Meeting
In light of this week's 10 am joint English Service (which we highly encourage all parents and students to attend), we will be having a PTA meeting in the EM Chapel (Small Worship Sanctuary) at 12:00 p.m noon
PTA meetings are valuable times during which parents can be informed about the direction of the ministry and voice their opinions. We ask for your attendance, cooperation, and full support. It is our hope to strengthen both the channels of communication between parents and the staff, as well as between students and parents. Parents, we need you! Please join this Sunday, 2/4, at the EM sanctuary at 12:00 p.m. noon
II. Class Retreats
In light of a very fruitful winter retreat, Pastor Seung and I, along with the support of deacons, elder, and staff, decided to hold class retreats for high school students. (middle school students will engage in class activities, also attended to and led by the pastors. Details for this will be announced shortly).
We really hope you will send your children! We believe that class retreats will be very important as we pursue our two goals for this Spring, Encounter and Community. We want to continue to impress upon our children the truth that we have a personal relationship we have with the God of the Bible, and we want to continue to build up the community, to experience family and friendship in Christ. 
The details are as follows:
Seniors (12th grade): February 9-11
Juniors (11th grade): March 16-18
Freshmen (9th grade): March 23-25
Sophomores (10th grade): TBD (April) 
Location: Renee's Ranch in Morgan Hill, California
Cost: $25 (for financial aid, please speak to the Pastors). 
Rides: We will meet at church on Friday by 6 pm, and return to church by 9 am on Sunday. Parents who wish to drop their children off directly at Morgan Hill may do so after notifying the pastors. 
Sample Form (Senior Class):
Liability form:
*We picked dates that avoid SAT/ACT test days. These are the dates that most of the students from that grade can attend. We apologize in advance for any difficulties. 
For any further questions, please feel free to message us. 
God bless you all!
Love, in Christ