Youth Group Newsletter - 2017-1220 - P Brian

Dear Parents, 

I hope you are having good weeks in the Lord! 
Here are some announcements:
I. No Saturday Night Discipleship Training
There will be no Saturday Night Discipleship this Saturday. The staff will be preparing for the retreat! 
II. Retreat Prayer Sign-Ups
Thank you for sending your children to the upcoming Beloved retreat. If your child is not coming, we will miss them dearly! 
We invite all the parents to pray with us for the upcoming retreat. Please sign up here!
III. Retreat Pick-Up Times
We invite you for our last Family Prayer & Blessing session before the Retreat officially ends, at 3 pm in the youth Sanctuary on 12/30/17
This year, we would like to have a last family service & prayer time at church before the students go home. We think this will be important, because we will be having a seminar on families, and we are hoping that many students have a wonderful experience that can be shared with the parents. 
This is an important part of the retreat. We ask for all of your full participation! 
The students will arrive by 2:30 pm. We hope to start our prayer service by 3:00 pm, and to end no later than 4:00 pm.
Please, do come and join your children as we pray! The aftermath of retreat is very important, and we want to share in the blessing with our parents. 
IV. Bible Reading
Attached is the Bible Reading for this week. 
Thank you to all the parents, and May the Lord bless you!
Love, in Christ