Youth Group Newsletter - 2017-1129 - P Brian

Dear Parents,

This is an exciting week for our church, as we hold our first English Joint Retreat this Sunday, December 3rd, 10 am in the Main Sanctuary. 
We invite all of you to join us with your children. The goal of this service is five fold: 
  1. For the whole family to experience the joy of family worship
  2. To catch a glimpse of the true church in multi-generational context
  3. To empower the next generation 
  4. For the English Ministry to sense love and responsibility over the entire church
  5. To host those who have strayed from church
We will still be holding our 11:45 am service. We encourage as many of you and your children to attend the 10 am joint service. However, in the case you cannot, we will be worshiping together during 11:45 am. We will be finishing up our Armor of God series. 
Lastly, as a reminder: The Retreat forms are due December 10th. We have almost thirty counselors/staff members signed up to serve your children. Please do not let them miss this wonderful opportunity. 
Attached are this week's Bible reading, as well as the Winter Retreat Registration form.
Thank you very much.
Love, in Christ