Youth Group Newsletter - 중고등부 뉴스레터 - 2017-1122

Dear parents, 

Happy thanksgiving, and many blessings to you all. 
Here are this week's announcements:
Winter Retreat 
The Winter Retreat deadline is December 10th. Please have your children turn in their forms and fees to teacher Eunice Min. 
December 3rd English Joint Service
Our church is taking big strides to empower the new English Ministry as well as the Education Department. We will be holding a English Joint Service on December 3rd 10am inside the main sanctuary. All students and parents who are comfortable with English are invited to this service. 
I know that most parents also attend the 11:45am service, but I ask you to make an exception on this day to attend 10am service with your children. It will be a historically important day for our church! 
We will still hold a regular 11:45am service.
Parent Volunteers for 1st and 2nd Service
We are recruiting you to help us serve your children! We are looking for parents to help with snack support, event support, and other logistical/administrative tasks. 
Please sign up here, or for more information, contact Megan Shim JSN (심미경 집사님,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
Saturday Night DT Potluck
This Saturday Night DT will be a thanksgiving potluck. We invite your children to attend; please send them with a dish that can be shared! 
We will start at 6:30pm. 
Bible Reading
The weekly Bible Reading is attached.
I was able to meet several students in the past week, for which I am grateful. If you or your child would like to meet or speak with myself or any other pastors, please let us know. Pastor Sarah Nam is available to meet any girls who feel comfortable with female leaders as well.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
Love, in Christ